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 [ Hot Upcoming ] - Guild Wars 2

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[ Hot Upcoming ] - Guild Wars 2 Empty
PostSubject: [ Hot Upcoming ] - Guild Wars 2   [ Hot Upcoming ] - Guild Wars 2 Icon_minitimeSat May 28, 2011 6:05 pm

Hi guys ! We are back again with a hot upcoming ! Guild Wars 2, it's a mmorpg, and lots of people say thats better than Wow ( World Of Warcraft ) Well, in my opinion WoW isn't to good like that, you have to pay a monthly fee, and thats not too good like that. Well, guild wars 2 has an extreemly dynamic fighting, you can run away from a attack of your oponent, isn't like that bot games, and you can use the other peoples power, to yourself. Elementalists can make a fire barrage, and the archers can use the fire to do much more damage with their Skills. In Guild of wars 2, you will be able to fly, and that's not like all the other games. Guild Wars 2 have too much good things, and it's an Hot Upcoming. Well, we'll be there, and ill suggest you This Video. This video really shows, what i was talking about.

Keep following us on youtube Here

Thank you !Very Happy
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[ Hot Upcoming ] - Guild Wars 2
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